Working With Account & Vehicle Settings

Learn how to set various account and vehicle settings


Once you have setup your account there are various settings for both your account information and your vehicle that might prove useful. You can turn on and turn off alters, set the frequency of alerts, add specific information about your vehicle etc.

Account Settings

Personal Information – this is where you can change your email address which will also change your login id.

Account – This shows how much disk space is being used by any documents you have uploaded. While it will take A LOT of documents to use up this space additional space is available if needed.

Billing information – This is updated automatically when you sign up for a paid annual membership. Full credit card numbers are not stored on our application servers and will never be displayed here. Credit Card information is kept with our online financial transaction processor who mush go through rigorous government regulatory processes and security compliance procedures.

Alert Settings – Here you can set how often you want alert emails, and how far in advance of coming due maintenance tasks.

Expense Type – If you attribute some of your expenses to say a business or need to categorize them for other tax purposes this is where you setup those expense categories.

Manage Vehicle

Vehicle Information – This is where you can change key information about your vehicle such as VIN, make, year. and model of your vehicle.

Registration – This is where you can add key information about your registration, license plate and due date.

Purchase Information – If you wish this is a spot to keep track of key purchase information about your vehicle such as purchase date and miles at purchase.

Warranty – In this section you can store all the details of any warranties that came with your vehicle or those you have purchased in the after market space.   You can also upload any relevant warranty documents here.

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